The Gold Coast of Australia is recognized as being Australia’s favorite tourist destination and there’re several reasons to establish the fact, encompassing the temperate climate & long stretched sandy beaches. But that is not all about the Gold Coast. There is in fact a lot more than this. let’s have a quick glance.

If you look down onto the topography of the region, which expands across the southeast corner of Queensland, it’s actually rather diverse. On one side it boasts a long-stretched shoreline facing the South Pacific Ocean & on its island side is a string of exceptional mountain ranges.

The stretched coastline boasting popular sandy beaches also provides splendid broadwater & marine sites, renowned with luxury boating enthusiasts and for kayaking, fishing, diving and a variety of others water-based activities.

The South Stradbroke Isle is just a boat hop across the broadwater & provides 4 resorts, camping and is also renowned among day tourists willing to see & discover the uncultivated open ocean beach front and all the natural attractions it has to offer.

The Gold Coast also boasts a variety of top-notch surfing sites encompassing the Spit, Burleigh, Narrowneck, Kirra, Duranbah and Snapper Rocks. There is also quite a few surfing school where you can learn how to surf under expert supervision.


If you love fishing you will certainly like the area for its river fishing, canal fishing, beach fishing and not to say deep water ocean fishing. There’re also adequate friendly sites for bank fishing. If deep water big fish is what fascinates you the most, then you certainly can try a charter boat in Gold coast that’s ready to go for the action.

Coming to the land, the Gold Coast region boasts 3 splendid National Parks including, Lamington, Tamborine, and Springbrook which boasts exquisite sub-tropical rainforests with established facilities encompassing nature walks, picnic areas and impressive panoramas. Several of these sites are world heritage listed & are a must-see part of the province.


Whether it is loosening up on the beach, nature exploring, scenic tours or boating in the deep sea, the Gold Coast feature it all. It’s truly one of the worlds’ distinctive location that greets all cultures & nationalities, and that can provide something for everyone’s taste & desire.

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